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Shamanic Drum Healing

Shamanic Drumming image
Image of Josephine Sheppard outside drumming on a Remo Buffalo Drum, surrounded by greenery.

What is Shamanic Drum Healing?


Shamanic drumming is a practice that involves connecting with a timeless, soulful wisdom and rhythmic medicine of sacred drumming. The practitioner enters an altered spiritual or prayerful state during the healing drum ceremony and meditation. The rhythm of the drum can help ground a person, bring them into the present, invoke deep relaxation, earth and heart rhythms, and reduce stress. Drumming can also help with pain control by producing endorphins and endogenous (having an internal cause or origin) opiates, which are the body's natural painkillers.

This is an aspect of the Soulful (Shamanic) Journeying and Visualization service. However, it may be utilized as a separate energy healing modality and form of a healing drum meditation. Josephine Sheppard, a practitioner of Contemporary-style Shamanism, provides this service.

Group healing drum meditations are offered. Please click the button below to request a facilitated event. Check our calendar of events regularly for pre-scheduled events and locations.

Want to find out if a shamanic drum healing session is for you? Let's discuss your concerns and answer your questions, and we'll go from there. Click the button below to schedule a consultation.

Shamanic Drum Healing Guided Meditation Event Locations:

Shamanic Drum Healing Meditation at CofE 2024 - Flyer.png
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