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Integrative B2B Consulting & Website Design

Working with Universal Energy in support of Soulful-Minded Practitioners in Business.

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Discover a new approach to changing what limits you, gaining the insight and tools to better align your Soul intentions with your business (and personal) goals.

You have a vision, a desire, a dream...

As a solopreneur, taking a new idea, or expanding upon an existing one concerning a spiritual-based, heartfelt, and soulfully-minded business can sometimes feel daunting. But, you feel called, and ready to take steps. It would be best to have support in clarifying structure and direction, and having a personal confidant and coach along the way. You know this will cause you to grow and evolve personally, so inner work is necessary to allow what's manifesting, to come to and through you.

Hi! I'm Josephine Sheppard, and I'm here to offer you the unique support you need through my ability to design a website that will emphasize your talents, skills, and services offered, with eye appeal and specificity. My services are unique in the additional ways I support you because I take an intuitive approach, and see where you are energetically with where you want to be. I will aid you in clearing the energetic blocks that may interfere with you knowing what you want, and how to allow yourself to line-up with your intentions.

You receive holistic support in your endeavors, personally and professionally:

website design + monthly maintenance + intuitive coaching and insight to clear internal blocks + mentoring (emotional support & brainstorming)

The first question for consideration is, "Can I envision myself already in the role I desire, doing what I want to do?"

Before we discuss finite details of how I may best serve you to develop a personalized plan of action for what you need, and help you get your practice more visible - take 5 to 10 minutes now to visualize it.

Close your eyes, and take a few deep cleansing breaths. Relax, and imagine what it feels like to be supported through the technical steps, encouraged and guided through releasing mental and energetic blocks to allowing yourself to move forward. Notice how your body relaxes into the experience.

Now imagine that you are actively in the role you desire, and doing what you love to do. How does it feel? Use all of your senses.

Was it easy to imagine and sense?


Did you notice any tension in your body? 

Allow me to be of service. Let's get your website created and refined, link you up with resources, clarify what's blocking you, and define a plan of action to empower you more specifically for your personal and professional goals that can help you merge your ideals with action and becoming more visible to people that will benefit from all the wonderful things you have to offer!

First, contact me for a consultation to clarify your wants and needs. this initial consultation is free, so don't delay. Contact me today to schedule a video meeting, by clicking the button below.

See you soon!

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