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Journaling for Conscious Living!

Woman's hands writing in a journal, with a bowl of pomagrante seeds to the right, a cup of steaming coffee above, and cellphone with the image on the screen from Josephine Sheppard's Author Facebook page.

Journaling for Conscious Living is an 8-Week Course provided through Integrative Therapies & Consulting online beginning Monday, February 5th - March 25th, 2024 at 3:00 pm, EST. *Future courses provided upon request.


Each session is 1-hour. It is at the descretion of the Facilitator to add an additional 1/2 hour, pending the needs and challenges of the group. If a session falls on a holiday, there will be adjustments made to the schedule to accommodate holiday closures.


Cost: $20 per class, or $120 for entire course ($5 savings per class)

Material(s) Needed and Preparation: Purchase a copy of the Gratitude Journal Diary, here. The affirmations within the gratitude journal will support you in the training exercises provided throughout the course. Private, uninturrupted space to fully participate in the online class.

This Conscious Journaling course will cover the following:

  • The practice of noticing, logging, and modifying your emotions through daily journaling

  • Use of daily affirmations and how to word them to be non-resistant in nature

  • The purpose and how-to, of having a priority list each day that isn't just task oriented

  • The practice and benefits of journaling daily self-care, and what they are

  • The three part of gratitude and how to journal appreciation that's meaningful now

  • The practice and benefits of daily segment intending journaling

  • Bringing all the elements together in your journal layout, and adding anything else that benefits you

  • Final review of layout, entries, approach to Journaling for Conscious Living, and Q&A

You may attend each session individually. However, it is highly recommended to attend the course in its entirety to received the full benefits of implementing each practice provided and how it will serve you.

This program is designed in a way to encourage self-application throughout the week outside of the weekly sessions. This will allow the new habit to be developed, and give insight into any areas that are challenging to you that we may help resolve in the group sessions.

Once your payment has been made through one of the choices made below, you will be sent a link prior to class, to join the group online. To receive our correspondence you will need to be subscribed to the website. Subscription is free.

Please preregister at least 2 days in advance by clicking the "register here" button below, and making your payment. Cancellation must be 24 hours before class. No refunds are issued for this program, with the exception of a full payment made for the entire course, and you need to back out of attending, which requires 24 hour notification, as well. Thank you!

Make your weekly $20 payment here. Thank you!

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Make your full payment of $120 here. Thank you!

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