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Wildflowers Gratitude Journal: A Law of Attraction Inspired Approach to Gratitude Journaling

Josephine Sheppard is the designer and creator of the law of attraction-inspired personal gratitude journaling diary, Wildflowers Gratitude Journal. It is available through Amazon as a paperback journal for $9.99.

Wildflower Gratitude Journal is a law of attraction-inspired diary journal with 31-days of inspirational affirmations and plenty of pages to journal your gratitude and appreciation daily in this 187-page "Gratitude Journal". The front and back cover have an array of pink, white, and lavender wildflowers with delicate stems and greenery, on a white background. The front cover is titled, "My Gratitude Journal". The center of the back cover has the creator's name and insignia, "Live in AAWE™ Approach," that's an acronym for "live in the art of wellbeing every day, in some way".


Want to practice a way how to change negative thinking? Start working on your gratitude journaling!

This gratitude journal was lovingly created to inspire you through 31 days of doing your own gratitude and appreciation journaling journey. The affirmations were crafted in a way to guide your thoughts into a better feeling place, aiding the practice and exercise of daily appreciation, creating your own personal affirmations, and prayers, and looking for better-feeling thoughts through positive aspects. May you enjoy the journey as you put your pen to the pages of this journal!

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Keep yourself on track with your mindset and alignment with your highest good by doing a 31-day gratitude journaling practice implementing our 31-day gratitude journal that guides you with the law of attraction-inspired affirmations each day.

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