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Display of the HSP - Empathic and Empowered Book, with the Wildflower Gratitude Journal, and other blank Journals available.

Welcome to Our Little Shop where you will find recommended books, products, and Josephine's creations of notebooks, diaries, journals, and her book! Enjoy and thank you for your patronage!

Self-Love Workbook for Women - Book Image.

We recommend this book! (Please note that this is an affiliate link, with no extra charge to you. It allows for a small commission in support of a small business. Thank you for buying through us!)

Embrace who you are with this guided self-love book for women of any age and any background. You'll embark on your journey of self-discovery by learning what self-love is, and then immersing yourself in exercises to help you build your self-esteem and improve your relationships.

Proven techniques—Fall in love with yourself using a variety of compassionate exercises rooted in mindfulness, self-care, and positive psychology.

Inspiring prompts and motivating activities—This self-esteem workbook features quizzes and journaling exercises that will help you tap into your emotions and let go of anxiety and limiting beliefs.

Empowering affirmations—Boost your positivity and nurture yourself with the uplifting affirmations interspersed throughout the book.

Share the self-love—This book makes an amazing gift for yourself—or any woman in your life who deserves to put herself first and explore how awesome she is!

Create a life filled with greater purpose and pleasure using the Self-Love Workbook for Women.

The Body Keeps the Score - Book image on the website of Josephine Sheppard at

We recommend this book! (Please note that this is an affiliate link, with no extra charge to you. It allows for a small commission in support of a small business. Thank you for buying through us!)

#1 New York Times bestseller

“Essential reading for anyone interested in understanding and treating traumatic stress and the scope of its impact on society.” —Alexander McFarlane, Director of the Centre for Traumatic Stress Studies

"A pioneering researcher transforms our understanding of trauma and offers a bold new paradigm for healing in this New York Times bestseller
Trauma is a fact of life. Veterans and their families deal with the painful aftermath of combat; one in five Americans has been molested; one in four grew up with alcoholics; one in three couples have engaged in physical violence. Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, one of the world’s foremost experts on trauma, has spent over three decades working with survivors. In The Body Keeps the Score, he uses recent scientific advances to show how trauma reshapes both body and brain, compromising sufferers’ capacities for pleasure, engagement, self-control, and trust. He explores innovative treatments—from neurofeedback and meditation to sports, drama, and yoga—that offer new paths to recovery by activating the brain’s natural neuroplasticity. Based on Dr. van der Kolk’s research and that of other leading specialists, The Body Keeps the Score exposes the tremendous power of our relationships both to hurt and to heal—and offers new hope for reclaiming lives."

Image of the "Lotus Om Journal" available on Amazon, created and sold by Author and Visual Artist, Josephine Sheppard, on her website page at

Lotus Om Journal: A Dot-Lined Blank Journal Notebook

Lotus Om is a dot-lined grid blank journal notebook diary with the Sanskrit mantra written on the front cover, "Om Mani Padme Hum" which is an ancient Buddhist mantra. In English, this rhythmic chant literally translates to “Praise to the Jewel in the Lotus”. The person being the "lotus" and the "jewel" being the divinity that resides within. According to various references on Buddhist traditions, reciting this phrase, or mantra, is one tool that can help guide you on the path to enlightenment. The Dalai Lama is said to have consistently praised the power of this prayer mantra to purify the mind, helping you cultivate inner wisdom.

This journal has been lovingly crafted with 100-dot lined blank pages, with the "Lotus Om" symbol at the top of each page. The front and back cover is a beautiful image of lily pads in deep blue waters, with the vibrant pink and white lotus flower - that has yellow pistils, resting bountifully on the front cover with the mantra written just below it. The creator's insignia, "Live in AAWE™ - The art of allowing wellbeing every day, in some way", is printed in small font on the back cover of the journal with the colorful symbol of the "Lotus Om" just above it. May you make this journal diary notebook your own when you place pen to page, with your affirmations, prayers, diary entries, insights, and etc, each and every day. Enjoy!

Paperback - $7.99

100-Page Dreamy Pastel-Colored Dream Journal (Notebook or Diary): A Leader-lined Journal, Notebook, or Diary

This is a beautiful paperback Dream Journal (notebook or diary). The front and back cover is a dreamy pastel-colored reflective light "dots" in varying shades of sea blue-green, pink, white, with bits of sparkle. The front of the book is labeled "Dream Journal". The back cover has the creator's insignia, " Live in AAWE™ - The art of allowing wellbeing every day, in some way".

The inside of the journal has 100-pages of dot or leader-lined blank pages awaiting your insights, discoveries, and personal dream interpretations. Within is the journal creator's quote at the bottom of the pages, "I can create my reality in my dreams." Let this journal become your companion and personal log of self-discovery, or the law of attraction practices through journaling, that it can be!

Paperback - $6.99

Image of the "Dream Journal Notebook" available on Amazon, created and sold by Author and Visual Artist, Josephine Sheppard on her website page at

My Diary - Beautiful Diary Journal Notebook with a Delicate Flower

Image of "My Diary." A Beautiful Diary Journal Notebook created and sold by small business owner, author, and visual artist, Josephine Sheppard at

This is a beautiful diary journal notebook with a soft pink and blue blurred background on the front and back cover and a lovely delicate white flower on the front cover under "My Diary". A positive quote was written by the creator of the notebook at the bottom of the front cover stating, “Each day is a new day. Let me seek the good and revel in it". The back cover has the creator's insignia, "Live in AAWE™ - The art of allowing wellbeing every day, in some way".

The diary was tastefully created to inspire your pen (or pencil) to the pages of this journal awaiting your personal expressions, innermost thoughts, insights, affirmations, prayers, hopes, dreams, invocations, and/or daily log of each new day. It has 100-lined pages with a lined space at the top of each page for the date of your entry. Enjoy!

Paperback - $6.99

Daily Journal - A Journal Diary Notebook with Pastel Pink Flowers and a Butterfly

This nature-inspired "Daily Journal" (diary; notebook) has beautiful pink flowers on the back and front cover, accented in pale green, with a butterfly resting on the flower petals of the front cover. Under the title of the journal, is a positive quote written by the creator of the notebook that says, "Each morning I am anew because the day has never happened before in all the world".

Let this 100-page lined journal, with a spot to write the date, be your daily go-to and refuge of thoughts. The cover was designed to draw you into an uplifting, positive space that could encourage the flow of your pen (or pencil) to the pages of this daily journal diary. It's useful as a diary journal or log, affirmation journal, or prayer journal notebook. On the back cover is the creator's insignia, "Live in AAWE™ - The art of allowing wellbeing every day, in some way", written in small print in a soft green font. Enjoy!

Paperback - $6.99

An image of "Daily Journal - Pastel Pink Flowers Diary Notebook" created and sold by small business owner, author, and visual artist, Josephine Sheppard at
An image of the "Yellow Star Lined-Notebook" created and sold by small business owner, author, and visual artist, Josephine Sheppard, at

Yellow Star Notebook: A Brilliant Yellow Colored Notebook With Stars

Yellow Star Notebook is a brilliant yellow-colored 6 x 9 notebook with gold and silver stars on the upper front corner cover and lower back corner of the back cover. This 100-page lined notebook journal diary has "Notebook" as the title on the front cover. The lower right corner of the front cover has a box with "Property of" and a place to write your, or a student's name.

This fun notebook, with its bright yellow coloring, can be easily found and add a bit of cheer with the sparkly stars. Great for class notes, or anytime you need someplace to do note-taking, homework, or write down your great ideas! The creator's insignia is written in small print at the top center of the back cover, "Live in AAWE™", which is an acronym for "live in the art of allowing wellbeing every day, in some way". Enjoy!

Paperback - $6.99

Voices of the Sacred Feminine - Book available at

We recommend this book! (Please note that this is an affiliate link, with no extra charge to you. It allows for a small commission in support of a small business. Thank you for buying through us!)

"Most of us have come to realize patriarchy - rule by a male-dominated society revering solely a male God - is not working for Mother Earth or most of the people on the planet. How do we counter beliefs that there is no option but the authoritarian father? How does society go about making a course correction? How do ideas that permeate every level of society from womb to tomb, boardroom to bedroom, voting booth to the workplace shift into a more fair, equal, and just world of partnership, sharing, caring, and peace? Those are exactly the questions discussed on the long-running radio show, /Voices of the Sacred Feminine/, hosted by Rev. Dr. Karen Tate in her show dedicated to the Sacred Feminine as a deity, archetype, and ideal. Never before has an internet radio show cast such a wide net to include so many voices whose ideals are in alignment with “sacred feminine liberation thealogy.” If we can imagine it, envision it, and restore ancient truths swept beneath the rug and kicked to the curb by patriarchy, then we can manifest it!


Hear solutions from these visionaries, scholars, way-showers, foremothers, and activists - women and men - dedicated to reshaping our world... Noam Chomsky, Laura Flanders, Gloria Feldt, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Phyllis Chesler, Barbara G. Walker, Riane Eisler, Matthew Fox, Roy Bourgeois, Starhawk, Charles Eisenstein, Genevieve Vaughan, Carl Ruck, David Hillman, Judy Grahn, Nicki Scully, Normandi Ellis, Selena Fox, Patrick McCollum, Jann Aldredge-Clanton, Cristina Biaggi, Charlene Spretnak, Shirley Ranck, Elizabeth Fisher, Amy Peck, Art Noble, Jeanette Blonigen Clancy, Joan Norton, Andrew Gurevich, Gus diZerega, Lydia Ruyle, Vajra Ma, Ava, Donna Henes, Candace Kant, Sandra Spencer, Layne Redmond, Isadora Leidenfrost, ALisa Starkweather, Joan Marler, Tim Ward, James Rietveld and Karen Tate."

The four Agreements - Book available at

We recommend this book! “We often underestimate the surprising influence of words on events and people in our lives. Their ethereal nature fools us into believing they're harmless... Our intentions and thoughts are the input that shapes the final result, the spoken word.


We may believe it's a struggle to be free, but we can discover practical steps on how to feel free through the four agreements that invoke internal awareness and work." ~ Josephine Sheppard, Author, HSP - Empathic and Empowered: Expanding My Perspective.

#1 New York Times bestseller for over a Decade

“In The Four Agreements, bestselling author Don Miguel Ruiz reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering. Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, The Four Agreements offer a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives into a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love.

• A New York Times bestseller for over a decade
• An international bestseller published in 52 languages worldwide

“Don Miguel Ruiz’s book is a roadmap to enlightenment and freedom.” — Deepak Chopra, Author, of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

“An inspiring book with many great lessons.” — Wayne Dyer, Author, Real Magic

“In the tradition of Castaneda, Ruiz distills essential Toltec wisdom, expressing with clarity and impeccability what it means for men and women to live as peaceful warriors in the modern world.” — Dan Millman, Author, Way of the Peaceful Warrior."

The Myth of Normal - Book available at

We recommend this book! (Please note that this is an affiliate link, with no extra charge to you. It allows for a small commission in support of a small business. Thank you for buying through us!)

The Instant New York Times Best Seller!

"By the acclaimed author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, a groundbreaking investigation into the causes of illness, a bracing critique of how our society breeds disease, and a pathway to health and healing."

"In this revolutionary book, renowned physician Gabor Maté eloquently dissects how in Western countries that pride themselves on their healthcare systems, chronic illness and general ill health are on the rise. Nearly 70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug; more than half take two. In Canada, every fifth person has high blood pressure. In Europe, hypertension is diagnosed in more than 30 percent of the population. And everywhere, adolescent mental illness is on the rise. So what is really “normal” when it comes to health?

Over four decades of clinical experience, Maté has come to recognize the prevailing understanding of “normal” as false, neglecting the roles that trauma and stress, and the pressures of modern-day living, exert on our bodies and our minds at the expense of good health. For all our expertise and technological sophistication, Western medicine often fails to treat the whole person, ignoring how today’s culture stresses the body, burdens the immune system, and undermines emotional balance. Now Maté brings his perspective to the great untangling of common myths about what makes us sick, connects the dots between the maladies of individuals and the declining soundness of society—and offers a compassionate guide for health and healing. Cowritten with his son Daniel, The Myth Of Normal is Maté’s most ambitious and urgent book yet.

The Gifts of Imperfection - Brene Brown Book available at

We recommend this book! (Please note that this is an affiliate link, with no extra charge to you. It allows for a small commission in support of a small business. Thank you for buying through us!)

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • This tenth-anniversary edition of the game-changing #1 New York Times bestseller features a new foreword and new tools to make the work your own.

"For over a decade, Brené Brown has found a special place in our hearts as a gifted mapmaker and a fellow traveler. She is both a social scientist and a kitchen-table friend whom you can always count on to tell the truth, make you laugh, and, on occasion, cry with you. And what’s now become a movement all started with The Gifts of Imperfection, which has sold more than two million copies in thirty-five different languages across the globe.

What transforms this book from words on a page to effective daily practices are the ten guideposts to wholehearted living. The guideposts not only help us understand the practices that will allow us to change our lives and families, but they also walk us through the unattainable and sabotaging expectations that get in the way."

Brené writes, “This book is an invitation to join a wholehearted revolution. A small, quiet, grassroots movement that starts with each of us saying, ‘My story matters because I matter.’ Revolution might sound a little dramatic, but in this world, choosing authenticity and worthiness is an absolute act of resistance.”

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It - Book Image.

We recommend this book! I encourage you to get a copy of this book, "Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It" by Kamal Ravikant.​​

He shares how he shifted from depression, overwhelm and not believing in himself with practical tools and insights. ~ Josephine


"I almost didn't publish Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It. I was terrified. Here I was, a CEO who'd fallen apart after his company failed, writing a book about how loving himself saved him. I thought I'd be a laughing stock and my career would be finished.

But I stepped through the fears and shared my truth with the world. What happened next changed my life.

The book went viral. Amazing people all over shared it online and on social media. They bought copies for friends and family. They wrote heartfelt reviews. For some, this book literally saved their lives. For others, it was the first time they ever loved themselves..."

About the Author

"Kamal Ravikant is the author of the bestselling books Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It and Live Your Truth, among others. He has been a US Army Infantry soldier, has held the hands of dying patients, climbed in the Himalayas, spoken to audiences around the globe, walked 550 miles across Spain, meditated with Tibetan monks, and worked with some of the best people in Silicon Valley...

We recommend this book! It is a wonderful way to begin a healthy and productive habit of journaling with your focus on positivity and gratitude. It is a beneficial means to training your mind, and the beginning steps to changing your life, as well as a useful precursor to the "Conscious Journaling" course through Integrative Therapies & Consulting! ~ Josephine

About the book:

Good vibes in 3 minutes or less! This self-help book and journal all in one help you train your mind for greater happiness in just minutes a day. 

With all the time we spend on our digital devices, it’s important to also have a practice of physically writing out our thoughts, feelings, intentions, reflections, goals, and wins. This 60-day best-selling guided journal shows you exactly how to put pen to paper to harness the power of positivity, train your mind, and change your life."

About the Author

"I created this journal for change,” Kristen explains. “I created this journal for happiness. I created this journal for mental health based on how I have seen our community change lives."

The truth is, few people know exactly what it takes to set up their day to create happiness. It's time to find out—and fall in love with the feeling of setting up and ending your day with positivity.

3 Minute Positivity Journal - Book Cover Image.

We recommend this book! As you may already be aware, we are friends of the Theosophical Society in Detroit. I recommend this book as a simple introduction to some basics of Theosophy. ~ Josephine

About the book:

"Originally published in 1910, this little book by Catherine W. Christie opens the door to the vast body of Theosophical teachings. Acknowledging in her introduction that the book was “very imperfect and inadequate when viewed in the light of the sublime fullness of the Ancient Wisdom,” hoped that it “may interest some who would be discouraged at the sight of a fuller or more learned exposition.” She continued: “I have endeavored, by the use of simple language and a simple style, so to present these teachings that my readers can use them in their daily life, and thus prove their truth and value to themselves.”

"The name Theosophy means Divine Wisdom and is made up of two Greek words, “Theos”—God, and “sophos”—wise; so when we say we are Theosophists we mean that we are learning to be wise about God; that we are students of the Divine Wisdom—the Ancient Wisdom taught thousands and thousands of years ago by the divine kings." - Quote excerpted from the book Theosophy for Beginners by Catherine W. Christie

About the New Edition Forward Author

"Marcia Morris, who wrote the Foreword for this new edition, found a copy of Theosophy for Beginners in the late 1960s. It has been her companion on the Path ever since."

Theosophy For Beginners - Book Cover image.

Please note: Some of our products in Our Little Shop have affiliate links. There are no extra charges to you. It allows for a commission on sales of their products that we're recommending, in support of a small business. Thank you for buying through us!

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