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Business Opportunities

An image of a smiling woman, working from home on her laptop computer that is on the website page for the "Live in AAWE" approach, and small business owner, author, spiritual practitioner, and counselor, Josephine Sheppard.

See below for current options, offers, and opportunities.

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We have a greater vision. How about you? Let's see if we may be a match in working together!

Times are changing, and so is the demand for practitioners in the personal and spiritual development industry - where the approach to serving our community is conscious collaboration for the highest good of all involved. That's why we want to work with you!

  • Do you feel your personal and professional vision and mission in life and business resonate with the following?


Integrative Therapies & Consulting Vision: "To support humanity in becoming a better version of ourselves through conscious evolution, improving our worldview and decision-making towards all life and our planet."


Integrative Therapies & Consulting Mission: "Helping people consciously create a better version of themselves in mind, body, and spirit." 


  • Do you consider yourself to have a self-motivated mindset and a collaborative approach?


  • Do you have a meditation and personal development practice that supports your ability to focus, work independently, inspire clients through your business services, and aid your outlook in collaboration with others?


  • Are you interested in being promoted as a part of a team and as an independent practitioner in your specialization which may include co-creating programs, courses, and/or services?


  • Are you, or would you, like to provide your services both in person and virtually, as a local (in Michigan) business and practitioner, and add your voice of wisdom to outreach material?

  • Are you willing to participate and expand in the personal and spiritual growth and development industry, being supported, and supporting a greater vision?



*** Great! Then we would like to meet with you! ***


Integrative Therapies & Consulting Owner, Operator, and Practitioner holds a greater vision where new or long-term independent and solopreneur business owners and practitioners can work together to serve their communities and develop a co-creative approach to the conscious evolution of humanity through the programs, services, and events we offer together.


We are looking for the following specialized practitioners to join and collaborate with our organization:

  • Nursing background with a focus on biofield (healing arts – energy) therapies, preferably Trauma-Informed, with experience working with groups and individuals and developing individualized plans. (This is a B2B contract.) - Professional contract filled!


  • Fully Licensed Professional Counselor or Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is Trauma-Informed and trained in Compassionate Inquiry®, Somatic Experiencing®, EMDR Certified, and holistic approach to therapeutic modalities, with experience working with groups and individuals and developing individualized plans. (This is a B2B contract.) - open.

  • Certified Professional Practitioner of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) focused practice with experience working with groups and individuals, and developing individualized plans. Additional incorporated modalities and training are welcome. (This is a B2B contract.) - open.


  • Certified Trauma-Informed Yoga and Qigong Instructor, with experience working with groups and individuals, and developing individualized plans. (This is a B2B contract.) - open.


  • An individual skilled in networking, social media, coordination, product and service sales, and customer service, with a degree in psychology and marketing, and experience in client confidentiality and record keeping. (This is for our Marketing and Sales Coordinator role. It is a commission-based contract position. See further details below.) - open.


  • Certified Practitioner in Somatic Exercise and Movement, who is Trauma-Informed and has a degree in health, fitness, nutrition, and training in human kinetics, with experience working with groups and individuals, and developing individualized plans. (This is a B2B contract). - open.


If you have a blend of experience, education, and training that would be considered a combination of both Western and Eastern modalities and skills of the above or similar, and a desire to grow together, feel free to reach out and see if your services would be a match with our organization’s goals and intentions.

Inquiries regarding the above B2B Contract roles may be sent to our email at, Please include details about your practice, business background and when are some good times, and dates to speak with you. Thank you!




Contract Position: Marketing and Sales Coordinator

General job description:

This is a work-from-home (remote) position, except for assisting the business owner-author at events. The ideal candidate will be confident and highly skilled at developing and implementing frugal sales strategies, obtaining new business, membership, product, and service sales, and retention of clients, customers, and membership. You have proven experience serving clientele, resolving concerns, attracting customers and clientele within the health, wellness, and personal development industry, including creating and maintaining efficient records.

To read the full job description for this position and how to apply, please click, here.


I appreciate your interest in working with us!

Rev. Dr. Josephine Sheppard, PhD, NHC, CRMT, CMT

Spiritual Counselor, Trauma-Informed Coach,

Self-Development Author, and Owner of

Integrative Therapies & Consulting

and the Live in AAWE™ Approach


Solicitation from hiring, placement, marketing, or recruitment agencies will not be accepted. This is for individuals interested in the position for consideration only. Do not contact this company with other forms of solicitation, marketing, or job offers.

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