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HSP - Empathic and Empowered:
Expanding My Perspective

Are you searching the internet for the best books for a highly sensitive person?


Or how to change negative thinking?

How to balance my energy, or how to heal my mind?

Josephine Sheppard, a practitioner of empathic coaching and counseling, is the author of the inspirational, self-development book, HSP - Empathic and Empowered: Expanding My Perspective. It is available through Balboa Press, a division of Hay House Publications, Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and Nook Book.

HSP - Empathic and Empowered: Expanding my Perspective, shares aspects of Josephine's personal journey as a sensitive to the spiritual world. She is redefining energetically what it means to be an empath, becoming empowered in one's abilities, and sharing what she's learned from her experiences.


In this book, she provides insights, and tools (practices/exercises) that she has learned to apply, that the reader can practice as well. Josephine shares a growing awareness and understanding of natural laws, the effects and awareness of the inner dialog, and steps to an intimate relationship with a higher power from within.


In other words, the book merges insights from personal experience and tools on how to change negative thinking.

These practices, self-awareness, and self-development exercises set a person up to, not only better cope when tougher times arise, but be able to see it from a different perspective. Scroll down to learn more.

Photograph of Josephine Sheppard, Self-Development Author of "HSP - Empathic and Empowered: Expanding My Perspective" available at

Already have your copy? Please provide a review! What resonated with you? How have the insights or practices made a difference for you? Please take a moment to place a review on Amazon. Thank you!

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"Did you know that the average human has 60,000 thoughts a day, 95% of them are the same exact ones as yesterday and 80% of them are negative?! That might sound horrific, but when I heard that fact, I thought, “Wow, that sure offers a LOT of room for improvement!” Josephine helps you break out of that 95% of repetition and 80% of negativity and tune in to a more aligned version of yourself. A happier version of yourself. A version of yourself that knows how to be aware of what you are thinking and what you are putting out to the Universe, so you can take charge and feel empowered instead of disempowered! When you feel empowered you begin to create the life of your dreams instead of feeling like you are living out a “Groundhog Day” scenario!

I met Josephine near the beginning of my spiritual journey. I had healed myself of seven years of several chronic illnesses in three weeks and was immersing myself in the spiritual world to find out how the heck I actually did it when doctors said it was impossible. I also wanted to be sure I knew how to KEEP myself healthy. I soon became passionate about wanting to help others do the same. I set the intention to connect with like-minded souls. I could tell when I met Josephine on a spiritual networking website online that we were indeed like-minded. 

I was drawn to Josephine’s deep love and appreciation of nature, her artistic abilities, her love of writing, and her journey of learning more to adapt new conscious behaviors to continue to enhance her own life and help others. We shared and enjoyed communicating and moved our friendship to Facebook where we have continued to marvel at each other’s growth over the last several years.

Josephine truly walks the talk as her book shows with several examples. She has chosen to become a conscious co-creator and has watched her life change dramatically as she adopted these new habits and ways of being into her own life. Josephine was generous enough to share these methods and new ways of thinking and speaking to ourselves in this book. She gives real-life examples, words, phrases, and more importantly the emotions and techniques she has tapped into to bring joy and happiness, along with other wonderful manifestations, into her life on a consistent basis. The stories Josephine offers make it more believable and accessible for all.

Have you ever struggled with the feeling you were a victim of life? Do you find yourself “stuck” in any area of your life not really knowing or feeling there is a way out? This could be mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, in relationships, or just a general sense of “life is hard”. Do you find yourself repeating limiting statements like “life sucks” or “you have to work hard to make any money”? Do you KNOW life can feel easier but have no clue about how to attain any sort of flow? If you have felt ANY of the before-mentioned emotions - this book can help. This book will help you tap into the deepest part of yourself, your soul/connection to Source or all-that-is, and consciously create the life you want no matter WHERE you are today!

Josephine has much experience in this arena and is very qualified to write this book. She created and has been teaching her “AAWE” method. To “Live in AAWE,” means to live in the art of allowing wellbeing every day. It is an approach that promotes empowerment, clarity, emotional intelligence & receptivity, conscious living & leadership. This book gives practical ways to bring all these aspects into our own lives.

Josephine has weaved an instruction manual on how to live a conscious life aligned with the highest version of yourself. She offers many tools and you feel supported as you begin or continue this journey to consciousness. You can tell by reading she is kind-hearted and has done the work herself. This book makes you feel supported on this journey which is of utmost importance during this work. I was honored Josephine asked me to write this forward as I feel this book can help you release what does not serve you to tap into the power you have within and begin to consciously create the life of your dreams! I am excited to hear all the wonderful testimonials from people after they begin to apply this book’s principles and tools in their lives!"  - Jenny Mannion, author of A Short Path to Change

HSP-Empathic and Empowered: Expanding My Perspective by Josephine Sheppard


Review by Pamela J. Boydston, BS, LPTA, LMT, NCTMB

"The author takes the reader on the intimate journey of an empath’s developing awareness of her deep connection to the Great Source and shares how the reader can do the same.

Josephine teaches you how to recognize and develop your true inner self.  If there is negative self-talk or negative energies from the outside world there are instructions on how to realign to the Great Source. The goal being to love and thrive.

I enjoyed this book so much that I am going to reread it slowly to soak in as much information as possible.  It taught me a great deal about self acceptance and the beautiful power of love. As an HSP, it showed me how to accept this trait as a blessing and not a curse, and to skillfully change the negative thought patterns to realign yourself with God."

Would you like to learn more about how to be empowered as an empath? Click the link below!

I would love your honest review! What resonated with you? How have the insights or practices made a difference for you? Please take a moment to place a review on Amazon. Thank you!

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