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Helping people consciously create a better version of themselves in mind, body, and spirit.



To support humanity in becoming a better version of ourselves through conscious evolution, improving our worldview and decision-making towards all life and our planet.


Who is Josephine Sheppard?


Josephine Sheppard is the Founder and CEO of Integrative Therapies & Consulting, an expanding private practice that provides online and in-person services, products, and programs. She is the creator of the Live in AAWE™ Approach – an acronym for the art of allowing well-being every day, embodying soulful living and wisdom. She is a strong believer in an integrative lifestyle where spirituality, mental, physical, and emotional health, and wellness are a conscious means – not an occasional method used to overcome difficulties and perceived obstacles. Josephine has worked in the health and wellness industry, human services, hospitality, and nursing and personal care services. She’s attained numerous certifications from Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki Master-Teacher, and Jin Shin Acupressure that may be found listed on her website, along with having a Diploma in Fitness and Nutrition, Natural Health Consulting, and a Doctorate in Religious Counseling.

What is “Integrative Therapies & Consulting”?


Integrative Therapies & Consulting began as a private practice making holistic support, and behavioral healthcare techniques and services accessible to adults of all ages and backgrounds. With specialized therapy, holistic support, contemporary-style shamanic journeying, Body-Wise™, and Soul-Wise™ scientifically proven integrative methods to energy-center balancing, mind-body somatic connection, and Trauma-Informed Coaching, Integrative Therapies & Consulting uses the most effective, proven methods to guide individuals how to move through anxiety, depression, mental fog, and heal health concerns triggered by stress.

We now offer intuitive B2B consulting and website design for spiritual-based, soulful-minded business practitioners. The above-mentioned are modalities that are integrated into our specialized and integrative services. Please see the website menu above to explore our current offers and how we may be of service.

Josephine Sheppard, Trauma-Informed Spiritual Counselor, providing a presentation and keynote speaking at the Detroit Theosophical Society.
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