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~ Women's Workshops ~
Sacred Feminine - Midlife & Beyond

Sacred Feminine - Women's Workshop Website Cover page, with the label, "Sacred Feminine Women's Workshop; Embracing the gifts of life!" And states that it is about a four-art Workshop series available to women only, that acknowledges the sacred feminine, and nurturing sisterhood, facilitated by Josephine Sheppard, found on her website at

Summary: A women-only support and activity workshop series for midlife and beyond - late-stage mother, maga/sage, wise woman, wild woman, and nurturer (generally, the 40s, 50s, and 60s).




The "Sacred Feminine Women's Workshop" provides support and activities for women at their mid-stage of life, generally beginning with perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause. The four-part workshops acknowledge the sacred feminine in all of us, nurture this aspect of ourselves, within the sacredness of sisterhood, and practice this divine expression through creativity, movement, sharing, communing, and encouraging one another.


Workshops include review and discussion of the nature of the sacred feminine in us, mother nature - Gaia through energy and the felt sense. Learning to nurture this sacred energy with, and in each other, tending to our inner maiden-child, experiencing therapeutic connection and visceral boundaries, with loving acceptance and personal empowerment. Opportunity to express and affirm the sacred in us through art, dance, and encircling the Divine. And share in a ceremony of thanksgiving, healthy potluck, and connection through testimonial experience.

Activities will include meditation, mindfulness, somatic practices, printed and other materials, and a copy of the books "HSP - Empathic and Empowered" and "Voices of the Sacred Feminine". Scheduled locations will be promoted on the public calendar page.

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Though the formula of the women's support group is somewhat therapeutic in nature, incorporating natural healthcare techniques and modalities, it is also peer-based, so everyone in the group will also have the opportunity to share and support one another through their knowledge, wisdom, and experiences, as well.




  • Dressing comfortably for physical movement and ease of mobility is recommended.

  • Have a journal or notebook to take notes during session discussions, home assignments, practices, and exercises.



Concerning various beliefs, lifestyles, and life experiences, we ask that everyone be kind, and courteous, and honor one another's differences in opinions, philosophies, and backgrounds. Personal experiences may be shared during sessions, so we ask that what is disclosed in the group stays among those in the group.



  • The workshop series must have a minimum of 4 attendees for the cost-effectiveness of running the 4-part workshop series.

  • The maximum number of attendees will depend upon location, and will not be any more than 20 attendees to ensure allotment for everyone's full participation and support from the group and facilitator.

  • Location: TBD per Workshop series - please check back!

  • Time/Day: TBD - please check back!

  • Workshop costs: $225.00, including materials, 2 books, facilitator costs in time, travel, location costs, saleable items, and promotional expenses.

* Please note that preregistration is required two weeks in advance for any upcoming workshop series, due to ordering books and materials for the number of people in attendance. 


Some Benefits Specific to Developing a Sisterhood (friendships and close connections amongst women):


Sisterhood can be a powerful bond unlike any other.


What is a sisterhood?


Sisterhood is about unity, not competition because it's about breaking the cycle of competition and coming together in support of each other's hopes, dreams, well-being, healing, and goals.


We create a safe space for each other by providing a sanctuary from external stressors, where each one can feel safe to share hopes and fears without the fear of judgment, ridicule, slander, or betrayal. It is a conscious, soulful choice to connect, be seen, and allow real bonds to be created.


It builds networks that work because when we mutually advocate for each other's careers and interests, we begin building bridges between us that break down barriers better than what may be able to be done when faced alone.


Steps to creating a sisterhood, that may also be explored together, are:

  • understanding your own identity

  • a willingness to embrace vulnerability

  • making sure to prioritize communication

  • appreciating and celebrating individuality and diversity

  • taking the time to cultivate trust; offering emotional support or practical aid wherever needed


With this in mind, it is my goal to build an empowering circle for, not only myself but you, as well. I've intentionally placed a focus on women who, similar to myself, are moving through natural sacred feminine changes that invoke a new level of awareness, way of being, integration, and adaptation with matters of mind, body, and spirit.

Three mature women walking arm-in-arm, laughing, smiling, and glowing in their heart-spaces. This image is on the website page for women's workshops at


  • Are you interested in participating in or having a workshop provided for your sisterhood group or tribe?


Contact me to facilitate a workshop, or join me where a workshop is currently active.

"I attended this class... It was wonderful!!"

~ Ann W.

"I found this very helpful. This was a fresh perspective on some concepts I was familiar with. It helped me go deeper with my awareness and healing. A wonderful practice." ~ Jessica S.

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