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An Embodiment Approach to Natural Health Consulting

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What is Natural Health Consulting?


Traditionally, a natural health consultant is a professional with extensive knowledge about natural health, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and nutrition. They may also be familiar with additional practice areas, such as acupuncture or massage therapy. The consultant may not be trained to perform these procedures but would add them to their recommendations for lifestyle changes. 

What is an Embodiment Approach to Natural Health Consulting?

An embodiment approach means that Josephine looks at root cause patterns in the energy (electromagnetic) systems that affect how the body systems interact and process. This is done in conjunction with the above-mentioned traditional methods of Natural Health Consulting. Another way of saying it is, that she is merging the health and wellness tools, skills, and knowledge, with that of the understanding and practices of somatic-style therapy, and contemporary-style shamanic healing practices.

We are evolving in our understanding of health and wellness. It is recognized more than ever that diet, nutrition, and exercise must be a personalized approach versus the former static or "one size fits all" method. Taking this a step further, now that we've learned through 100,000 tests, studies, and research, every person's needs will be dictated by how the body digests certain nutrients, eating patterns, lifestyle needs, and habits, it includes how the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system translates messages in the "fight and flight" and "rest and digest" modes. What's happening somatically, neurologically - in other words, emotionally and mentally, is vital to the rest of the mind-body system.

It is understood more than ever before, that being the soulful awareness that we are, will allow the flawed premises to fall away. It's not about healing a body part, or someone else being your healer. It's about realizing that you are the space in the present moment, emanating the well-being life force energy that you are. We all forget sometimes. As a practitioner, I am here to remind you and walk with you as you rediscover how to light your path by shining your light even brighter, making modifications, and deepening your awareness to embody the life you have now, more fully. That in and of itself 'heals' the challenges, and is the means of preventive healthcare. I don't make promises, but I am willing to do what I can to be of service in this way." ~ Josephine

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