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Insurance FAQs...

Are Integrative Therapies & Consulting  (IT&C) Services covered by my insurance?

An increasing number of health insurance plans are beginning to cover mental wellness services that may be considered forms of behavioral healthcare techniques - such as mindfulness and meditation, but sometimes with limitations and exclusions. Make sure to reach out to your workplace's Human Resources department, or your insurer, to find out exactly what is included in your plan and if there are any restrictions (such as services that must be performed by a licensed medical doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist).

Is there any way to receive financial assistance or coverage for IT&Cs services?

Glad you asked!

Those with an HSA or FSA account can speak with their insurance provider and workplace human resources department to determine if they may receive coverage. They will either:

1) Pre-authorize the purchase so that you can use your HSA/FSA card to pay for sessions on-site, or

2) You will have to pay out-of-pocket and submit a receipt to be reimbursed later.

You may be required to have a letter of medical necessity (see definition below) from your primary care physician, indicating that mindfulness sessions are important to your mental health. We recommend speaking with your physician and employer two to three weeks before you’d like to attend a session through IT&C, to allow enough time for verification and pre-authorization.

What are HSA and FSA accounts?

Health savings accounts (HSA) and flexible spending accounts (FSA) are offered by employers to decrease an employee’s income tax liability, and also allow you to pay for certain eligible medical type expenses. HSA funds expire every year, while FSA funds continue to add on with each year of employment.

What is a letter of medical necessity?

The letter of medical necessity is a statement from your primary care physician (see example here) stating that a certain service or program is important to a person’s health. It usually includes a CPT/ICD diagnosis code and must be signed by a medical doctor (MD). HSA and FSA accounts can be used to cover meditation/mindfulness classes with this letter.

What services qualify for HSA/FSA coverage?

HSA/FSA funds can cover a variety of services from sunscreen to acupuncture to first-aid kits! Each employer is different, and what is/isn’t covered can vary by insurance provider and company. Connect Your Care and the FSA Store have lists of products and services that are eligible for most HSA/FSA accounts. When in doubt, ask your employer!

Are there any other ways to receive credits/benefits for IT&C's services?

If you have a wellness program through your employer, you can work with your HR department to allow for IT&C sessions to count as reward points for participating in wellness activities. These points can count toward employee incentives, such as lowering health insurance costs. Some company’s health insurance plans and wellness programs even provide a bank of funds to use specifically for meditation and mindfulness services similar to what is offered here.

Is there a way I may get a discount for regular use of the services provided?



Just go to our "membership offer" page and select the option that best fits your needs. You will find that a regular member of Integrative Therapies & Consulting - Live in AAWE Approach has access to a number of helpful video resources and up to 50% off on select services!

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