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We invite you to become a part of our Community!

Fun-loving group hug with smiles and laughter.

What do you think of when you think of community?  I think of connection, comradery, and commonality.

What does being a part of a community feel like when you go into your heart?  I experience kindness, authenticity, love, compassion, openness, and depth. I also believe that when exploring and expanding consciously, we draw nearer to each other from the broader understanding of oneness. Both differences and similarities are appreciated and acknowledged.

In this community I intend to inspire delving deeper, and seeing self and others from a broader viewpoint - as well as life. That is a key component to soulful living and wisdom. To live more consciously and with ever-increasing self-awareness. Having a community that encourages and supports this process with unconditional love, kindness, and compassion. Not in denial of the challenges in life, but allowing all of life and being the "space" that we are as nonphysical consciousness having our human experience for the joyful purpose of ever-expanding. 

That said, I cordially invite you to join this community. Please see the details below.

Expect to be blessed,

~ Josephine


Membership rates:

  • Monthly - $16 (only .53 cents a day!)

  • Annually - $160 (Includes two months for the year, free!)

Members access guided meditations, guided integrative method sessions, and soulful living sessions and receive discounted services of 50% off on Body-Wise, and Integrative Reiki Therapy packaged sessions.

And... a NEW series beginning April 2024 called, "I am not my diagnosis" (justly renamed to "I Am Wellbeing") will be uploaded weekly (and potentially more often) for you to follow. Video session #8 is where the series was renamed to I Am Wellbeing, after discussing the value in where we place our attention, and how to do so with EFT-Tapping and not suppressing emotion. Another guided drumming meditation was in this session.


May I confide and share with you?  Even though fear and worry come up when taking a risk and being vulnerable in this way, I am taking you along my healing journey with a medical diagnosis in the hopes that with anything you feel challenged with, you too, will not feel alone. As I share my practices and steps, you may discover how to do the same for yourself.


I've shared how, in the past, I've healed (allowed healing of) a puncture wound to the abdomen in my youth, and vertigo in my adulthood.


One of my former clients shared his testimony of how I helped him release his dependency on insulin which he was diagnosed as an insulin diabetic at that time, but no longer is 20+ years later. 

In this series, following the inner guidance of the Divine, I will have live online gatherings with our Highest to direct how we release and allow, inspired by the "I am not my diagnosis - I Am Wellbeing" series.

Benefits of being a member:

  • Content videos include but are not limited to, Body-Wise, Soul-Wise, the "I am not my diagnosis" series, the full "Present Moments Series", and variations of meditation and visualization instruction and guided session videos that are recorded and uploaded for membership content. This is included in your membership fee.

  • Live online gatherings are to be determined as the community grows and we're inspired by our Highest.

  • Soulful Living sessions are topic-based group discussions to support, encourage, and promote our ability to live more self-aware, and soulfully (spirit-guided and integrated) each day. These are recorded and uploaded for membership content. This is included in your membership fee.

  • Members will continue to receive the monthly newsletter, Soulful Living & Wisdom Periodical, and access to the blog.

To join the community and start your membership, please click on the "Buy Now" links below, and click on your preferred payment method, either monthly or annually. *See a sampling of what is in the membership area, below.


You have a 7-day money-back guarantee trial period. If by day seven, from your date of purchase, you decide you do not want to take advantage of the membership opportunity at these rates, your payment will be refunded, minus the financial vendors' (PayPal) processing fees. After the 7-day trial period, please note that refunds are not offered.

A PayPal account is not required.

Join the community with the monthly membership rate of $16

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Join the community with an annual membership rate of $160

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Sample video's from the membership area.

Copy of the "Soulful Living & Wisdom - Fully Present" Members Session on 7.12.2023.
Copy of the July 28, 2023 - An Energy Centering Meditation.

Copy of Video #1 - Intro to the "I Am Not My Diagnosis" Series

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