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"Live in AAWE" Community!

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I'm so glad you're here! It is my vision that we will be encouraging, uplifting, and supportive of each other on this platform, and developing our abilities to do so for the rest of the world - at least those crossing our paths. Even though I am providing a platform for us to connect, we are all in this [life of changing times] together~ Josephine

Membership rates:

  • Monthly - $11

  • Annually - $111 ($21 savings)

As a member, you have access to guided meditations, guided integrative method sessions, and soulful living sessions, and receive discounted services of 50% off on Body-WiseSoul-Wise, and Integrative Reiki Therapy packages, and individualized sessions.

This forum and its content will grow as we do.  As the content and supportive programs evolve, membership will be charged to maintain the ability to offer content, groups, and services for the collective.

Benefits of being a member:

  • Content videos include but are not limited to, Body-Wise, Soul-Wise, the full "Present Moments Series", and variations of meditation and visualization instruction and guided session videos that are recorded and uploaded for membership content. This is included in your membership fee.

  • Soulful Living sessions - which are topic-based group discussions to support, encourage, and promote our ability to live more self-aware, and soulfully (spirit-guided and integrated) in our daily lives. These are recorded and uploaded for membership content. This is included in your membership fee.

  • Member-direct updates and communication, impromptu discounts, offers, and members' area content with no additional charge.

  • Members and general subscribers receive monthly newsletters (Soulful Living & Wisdom Periodical) and mid-monthly (Health and Wellness Journal), with insights, inspiration, and health and wellness recommendations. Here's a sample of the subscriber's periodical, Soulful Living & Wisdom. Here's a sample of the mid-monthly, Health & Wellness Journal.


To join the community and start your membership, please click on the "Buy Now" links below, and click on your preferred method of payment, either monthly or annually.


You have a 7-day money-back guarantee trial period. If by day seven, from your date of purchase, you decide you do not want to take advantage of the membership opportunity at these rates, your payment will be refunded, minus the financial vendors' (PayPal) processing fees. After the 7-day trial period, please note that there are no refunds offered.

Join the community with the monthly membership rate of $11

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Join the community with an annual membership rate of $111

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